Don’t ask me why a pumpkin ale is available in winter/spring, but here we are drinking Flying Dog’s The Fear: Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Flying Dog is a brewery in Maryland and has put out countless beers over the years, often sold in mixed packs, and very much enjoyed in my hockey team’s locker room.

As for The Fear, it’s a very dark beer, almost like a lager, with a definite hint of pumpkin spice that’s been sitting around since last autumn. It’s not very tasty, but on the plus side, it’s 9% alcohol.

Flying Dog has had other pumpkin beers, but I haven’t tried them. I’m just hoping they’re better than The Fear. That said, this beer isn’t a total waste because of the alcohol content, which is plenty to make me forget that we’re in the wrong season for this flavor.

2 stars.

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