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Rocket Frog Brewing company out of Sterling, Virginia has concocted a Hazy India Pale Ale as tribute to the Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop in Chincoteague, Va. We picked this sample up while vacationing there last summer and have had this on the list to try for a long time now. Today the weather was warmer and I decided to take a trip back to the beach and try this beer finally. Sub note, if you ever get a chance to visit Chincoteague Island in Virginia I would highly suggest it. Now for the beer!

Color- This is a bright yellow color beer, much like the summer sun, it brightens your glass and makes you warmer just with the sight of it.

Smell- Citrus is the first thing that hits your nose as you smell this libation. It’s light color and smell are in tune with each other.

Taste- Very smooth, a mild hoppiness that is not overpowering at all, it’s a tasty beer! It’s light and mouth pleasing, you would more than likely drink more than one or two of these.

Overall this is a great beer that I am glad I picked up and only wish I would have tried it before I left so I could have grabbed some more. It comes in with a 6.8% alc content on top of everything else. It may look light but it can hang with the heavier beers for sure. Rocket Frog I will be looking for more of your beer in the future! 3.8 stars! Enjoy!

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