I’ve drank a lot of Heavy Seas in recent years and rarely been disappointed, so I had great expectations for Impending Doom, its 9.5% alc ‘West Coast Style DIPA.’

Described as ‘dank citrusy’ – adjectives I agree with as I ponder whether to pace myself while gulping down this beverage – the part I find most interesting about this is that it’s a series of IPAs that Heavy Seas is making with a separate recipe each time. Certainly, that would make it hard to recommend if the next batch tastes completely different.

Though it doesn’t look like anything special – maybe a bit dark – the flavor in this is thick and it’s got an aftertaste with enough juice left to help you pace your sips.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this endeavor and am anxious to try other variations to see just how close Heavy Seas can bring us past impending and straight on into Doom.

4 stars.


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