My favorite beers to review aren’t always ones that I like, as not all of them are unique enough to describe outside of a list of ingredients. The beers I enjoy reviewing – even ones I don’t like – are so unique that it’s hard to find any other beer that tastes similar. Which brings me to Ten Eyck Brewing Company‘s Tacocat, a Mexican Lager from Queenstown, Maryland, which tastes like… a taco.

Well, it’s got the taco shell aftertaste, to be precises, and I find myself actually craving tacos as I drink this beer. It’s a light blonde, gulps easily, and might even taste good with a twist of lime.

While this isn’t a beer I’d want to drink every day, I’m delighted that I discovered it because it won’t be one I forget… especially while eating tacos.

4 stars, mainy for originality.

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