It’s been a little while but I promise I have not slowed down on drinking beer…only on posting about it!

In anticipation of the new school year and because our daughter is about to start her college experience at Appalachian State University we took a road trip to get her settled in her dorm and checked the local breweries! Appalachian Mountain Brewing is the biggest in the area and distributes a pretty far reach! This is one of their lighter wheat beers that will help finish out the summer before we go full tilt into PUMPKIN BEER SEASON!

For now we will stay with this light summery fruity beer!
Honeydew Honeysuckle is very light and sweet, just what you expect from a beer with this namesake.

Color- Golden hazy

Smell- Citrus, melon and just like Honeysuckle outside, you smell it and then you realize what it is and you love it.

Taste- It tastes stronger than it smells, but the aftertaste is quite delicate and delightful.

This is a summer beer for sure! With only 5% alc content you can enjoy multiple of these on a hot day…and you should.

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