Always looking for the “cool” looking cans that hopefully have good beer in them? Today I share with you one of the coolest! We all loved airbrushed t-shirts when we were kids, and now that we are older we still see them and remember being a kid during summer vacation and wanting one. Well today you can have one in your hand while you drink a “summery” beer! Cabarrus brewing company out of Concord, North Carolina has designed a Tropical IPA that delivers summer in a can with the t-shirt to go with it. “Airbrush T-Shirt” is a light, fruity delicious beer that you won’t regret trying because of the can. Here’s the breakdown…

Sight- The can is a beautiful Airbrushed sunset, the beer itself is a hazy orange.

Smell- Fruity, orange notes and a mixture of other fruits you would find in a tropical frozen cocktail. Pleasing.

Taste- A little hop on the front end but light and the different fruits dance all over your tongue! No bitter aftertaste. Refreshing.

This is a solid beer that I will drink again if I see it where I live. With all of the light fruitiness it’s still delivers a 6.7% alc content which is no slouch! Great beer, I will be looking for more from this brewery! Cheers!

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