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If you don’t know or don’t love “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper then just stop now and realize that you missed the greatest era of wrestling and family entertainment! If you have seen, heard or even love/hate the infamous “rowdy one” than please continue on this quest with me. Divine Barrel brewing put of Charlotte, North Carolina (Ric Flair territory by the way) has dedicated this West Coast IPA to an absolute legend of the wrestling world. So here we go!

Sight– The can features the all to well known kilt of Hot Rod himself. The beer when poured into a glass has a golden look to it, almost like his belt when he was the intercontinental champion.
Smell– It has a faint orange and citrusy smell to it that tickles the nostrils much like if Rowdy himself was to punch you in the face with his devious smile! It would hurt but the sensation is nice! The smell is light and invites you to try it.
Taste- This beer has a mellow hoppiness to it, it’s light and I feel like I could enjoy this all day long. It’s refreshing and not over IPA’y if you catch my meaning.
My only concern is that with only a 5.5% alc content even the Rowdy One would scoff at this very tasty beverage. I will enjoy this one but unless the average price drops or the alc content increases it will be my last. If you love the Rowdy Roddy, raise a glass of this beer in his honor but then switch to something with a little more punch, like a coconut shot to the head! Enjoy, 3 out of 5 stars.

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