Before the pumpkin season officially kicks off and I go in search of the next great pumpkin beer I have decided to try something new. Tonight’s first libation is “Orange Machete” a hazy double IPA from Sycamore brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina. The brewery is family owned and has been producing some good beers for about 7 years. Now for this beer! The color is a nice golden with a hint of orange. The smell is definitely orange, like the orange juice that you have to shake up before drinking. The taste…I could drink this beer with my breakfast it’s so orangy! I could see cracking one of these open and sitting down with a pile of pancakes on a lazy Sunday morning. When I take a sip I catch myself swishing it around to see if there is any pulp in it! Be careful with this delicious beer, it’s so good you can suck it down very quickly but beware because it packs a punch! 8.4% alc content will having you sleeping before kickoff! This is a tasty beverage that I will get again and again! 5 stars because it doesn’t have any bitterness or aftertaste. I really like this beer, I hope you enjoy it as well! Cheers!

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