After taking just a nip of New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk, the bourbon-flavored stout with 11% alcohol knocked me on the floor. In my drunken daze I dreamt that I was a baby dragon, like Smaug, Viserion, or Pete, suckling this glorious life potion from Mother Dragon shortly after clawing my way out of the egg.

This beer is thick and filling, like a main course that leaves no room for desert, leaving me staring at the rest of the four-pack, daring myself to have another. There’s no way I’ll be switching to anything else tonight after this one. This is neither an everyday beer nor even a once a week beer, but it makes for a good treat on a special occasion, like the Summer Solstice while dancing with druids at Stonehenge, or Daylight Savings Time – the one where you get an extra hour to recover.

It’s neither cheap nor easy to find, but I highly recommend grabbing it if you find it, then bracing yourself for a journey ahead.

5 stars

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