I almost never drink wheat beers and wasn’t paying much attention when I took a sip of Weihenstephaner’s Hefe Weissbier. I was suddenly transported to a field in Germany, where words like Weihenstephaner roll off the tongue.

Not being used to this wheat, Hefe Weissbier had an overwhelming taste, not bad per se but one that requires bracing yourself. Weihenstephaner describes it: ‘Fruity nuances of banana and cloves intermingle with malt flavors to create a balanced beer with a light, creamy character. This premium, naturally cloudy, pale amber wheat beer is truly a feast for the senses.’

I’d say that’s accurate, but I’m also spitting out grains of wheat. Considering this Premium Bavaricum is from the world’s oldest brewery, I’d say this is likely a good wheat beer, but I don’t have much to compare it to. But I’m enjoying the experience and will seek out more.

4 stars. 5.4% alc.

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