Today’s selection is from a very local brewery in Surf City, NC called “Salty Turtle Beer Company”. This is their latest concoction “Muddy Buddy” a peanut butter chocolate stout. From top to bottom here we go! Color, as you can see it is a very dark stout, black coffee color for sure. The smell is definitely chocolate and dark roast coffee with a hint of peanut butter. It entices you to want to taste it. Finally, as you drink this very dark beer your taste buds are introduced to what your nose has told you…coffee, chocolate and only a very light hint of peanut butter. To be honest I was hoping for more of a peanut butter taste but alas it’s not to be. It is still a tasty beer that’s not too heavy considering how dark it is. It brings a 6.5% alc content to the table which is decent but not overwhelming. I am a big fan of this local brewery and will continue to rate their beers. Muddy Buddy is a solid 3.5 stars and if your in the area (post quarantine) you should stop by and try some of their beers and the cool atmosphere! Cheers!

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