Next up on my Great Lakes to-drink list is Commodore Perry, an IPA named after yet another historical figure who I know nothing about. So I googled Commodore Perry and found the wikipedia page for “Matthew C. Perry,” who we all know as that loveable insecure goofball on Friends.

This beer doesn’t actually taste like a traditional IPA, and the 7.7% alcohol amount surprised me, so this was quick to drink. The taste is relatively unique, at least for an IPA, but not overwhelming on the taste buds and a little sweet. Ultimately, this is a beer I’ll drink if I have it, just as Friends is a show I’ll watch if it’s on, but I likely won’t go out of my way to drink this specifically.

I have more Great Lakes to try in the multipack, and this is one of the better ones. Especially when I’m watching Commodore Perry on Friends.

4 stars.

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