Finally a new Punkin beer to review! We have been searching all over and haven’t come across anything that we haven’t tried until now. Flash Gourdon pumpkin ale is from Twenty-Six acres brewing company out of Concord, NC. Let’s start with the name first, Amazeballs! If you don’t know who Flash Gordon is you’re wrong on many levels to begin with and probably not old enough to drink good beer anyway. Second, the can and logo, another home run! It even has quotes from the movie on it. So far they are running on all cylinders, great job. Next is color, a deep copper almost brownish orange, a great pumpkin color. Smell is very much pumpkin, nutmeg and fall weather. Finally the taste…this is a really good pumpkin beer, I mean really good. I love the taste, it’s not taking the crown as the best but this is a top 5 pumpkin beer. It’s smooth, has no strange after taste, bitterness or hoppiness. The alcohol content is a solid 7.0%. We give this beer 4 stars and tell you to try it if you see it!

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