When my friend saw that this beer is called ‘Delicious,’ he reached for a different one. He said it would be like naming your lousy band ‘Awesome’ or naming your ugly daughter ‘Hot.’ Sometimes, a name is wishful thinking.

My friend, however, is missing out, as this┬ácitrusy India pale ale with Lemondrop & El Dorado hops has a very distinct smell that is far more pleasant than most beers. At 7.7% it had the standard IPA kick. I haven’t had Stone before but after trying ‘Delicious,’ I’m looking forward to trying what I presume to be the names of their other beers: ‘Tasty,’ ‘Pleasant,’ ‘Delightful,’ and if I’m feeling like something different, ‘Unobjectionable.’

4 stars.

(Justin already reviewed this but this is my review)

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