Seeing that the last time I reviewed a beer, it was one we had already reviewed before, I took my chances and reviewed yet another beer that I hadn’t double checked to see if we had reviewed it. Sure enough, none of us reviewed DC Brau’s The Public Pale yet.

First off, this is a local one for me, as I work in D.C., and the company lists it as their most popular offering. What that tells me is: It’s their most risk-free taste (unlike, say, the Space Reaper). While that doesn’t make it bad, I can’t say I’d ever know it again if I drank it in an American Pale Ale taste test.

That said, I’m enjoying this beer, which DC Brau describes:

…The Public Pale Ale emits a sweet caramel and heavily floral aroma accented by mild citrus notes introduced by Centennial hops. The first sip of the light amber pour presents a rush of assertive bitterness amid hints of candied orange peel and grapefruit flavors. A firm malt backbone imparts the balancing sweetness…

Perhaps there’s a class on creative writing for beer reviews as this one checks off lots of the boxes. But as someone just sitting here drinking it, I’ll give it 4 stars. 6%alc


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