Todays offering boys and girls is a chocolate peanut butter porter.  Brew Link Brew Company out of Plainfield, Indiana puts three of my favorites together, chocolate, peanut butter and beer! The can has some cool artwork and some funny lines about the demise of the peanuts used to make this beer. So let’s go through it!

Sight- DARK! Super dark and malty! Block out any light kind of dark.
Smell- Like warm peanut butter and chocolate brownies. I could smell this beer all day long, it’s fantastic but it does make me hungry!

Taste- After the sight and smell of this delicious looking beer I am a little disappointed with the flavor. It has all of the staples, chocolate and peanut butter but it’s a little watered down and doesn’t have the full bodied flavor I was anticipating.
For a Porter it’s actually kind of light and easy to drink. It isn’t on the high end of alc content but does have a 6.5% content. All in all it’s not a beer I would search out or have again but I am glad I tried it and am able to share with all of you. 2.5 stars , cheers!

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