Stouts Anyone?

I am not usually a big fan of stouts but this label definitely intrigued me enough to try it.

Peanut butter, marshmallow and graham cracker!

Are you kidding me, yes please!

Divine Barrel Brewing out of Charlotte, North Carolina, provide today’s subject matter for this review.

So, here we go with the full review through the senses.

The can is pretty cool, the name is awesome and that’s where this story begins.


The very dark almost black color of this stout is a little frightening if your not normally a stout person. I even held it up to the light just to watch it blot the sun from the sky! Lol! Anyway, moving on.


The smell, oh the smell is delicious! The first thing that tickles the nose is the smell of the graham crackers and a hint of vanilla. It’s amazing. I stopped and took a couple more sips of the scent before I even tasted it because it’s so good.


Now for the taste, this stout is not as “thick” as most stouts but, it’s a full bodied flavor but not hard to swallow or make you think you need a spoon to eat it. Usually there’s also a hint of coffee taste to most stouts but not this one, it’s just damn smooth! The graham cracker is the strongest of the listed flavors followed by the marshmallow and a subtle hint of peanut butter.

The liquid coats your tongue but in a good way. The after taste is solid but not overwhelming, again it’s smooth. The thing I have enjoyed the most about this beer is smelling it as I take my next sip, amazing.

Although this beer was a little pricey for me I was willing to try based off the can and the 11% alcohol content! Yeah buddy! Cheers and I will be drinking this again. 5 stars amazeballs!

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