Picked up a variety pack of beer from Appalachian Mountain Brewery for the weekend as it is a North Carolina beer and I am trying as many “local” beers as possible. Appalachian Mountain Brewery is based out of Boone, North Carolina they give proceeds from every sale to “we can so you can foundation “ which helps the revitalization of communities, mountains and rivers. The first can I grabbed out of the pack is Not An IPA p.s. it’s an IPA. The smell of this beer is amazing, Jennifer’s  response was “that smells really really good”, its fruity and light not complicated or overly strong in any way. The color is a bright yellow gold and it has a good head when poured. The taste is familiar but not exactly, it’s fruity and light just like the smell leads you to believe but not as fruity tasting as you would think. It’s pretty hoppy for such a light tasting beer. It packs a 6.7% alc content which is pretty good and you can enjoy quite a few before you have had too much. It’s a solid beer, nothing fancy but solid and sometimes that’s exactly what we need. 3.5 stars, enjoy.

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