Review written by Cousin Brian

Let me preface this by telling you “I love a Raging Bitch”! No not a girlfriend or sociopath on a never ending tirade but the beer of course. This copper beer packs a punch past it’s sweet, fruity malt, and slight flowery smell. It’s alc/vol is a thunder creating 8.3% without any hint of such a devasting blow to your blood stream… until you are a few beers in. The magnificent smell of this brew carries onto its taste only leaving just a slight bit of bitterness on the back of your tongue that dissipates quickly. The result is a beer that you could easily drink all night, well maybe not all night given its potency, but most of the night, and will get you feeling right in no time. Enjoy the Raging Bitch, embrace it, become one, for worse or better, preferably the latter. Drink this smooth beer with caution, ya raging bitches! 4 stars

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