This is my first beer from Saucony Creek brewery and I have to say that the label and name is what made me even look at it. Saucony Creek is a small brewery out of Kuztown, Pa. Hop Suplex has a couple cartoon Lucha Libres on it and is quite colorful. Then you read the label “from farm to pint our beer is alive!”, that gets you more interested. Finally alc content 10%?!?! Say what! I’m definitely trying this one now. we go. Bold color, dark copper almost milky even. Smell is close to wine..high alcohol content does it every time. Taste, full not too hoppy, alcohol after taste noticed but doable. Final decision, worth a try but won’t buy again, matter of fact this has solidified that I will try to stay between the 6-9% alc content for best beers. Double digits sound cooler than they are. 2 out of 5 stars.

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