So this is a double review due to the fact that 21st amendment brewery sells a 4 pack labeled “he said”. It contains two Belgium trippel style and two Baltic porter both with added pumpkin spices! You know how much I love a good pumpkin beer so I had to finally try this dynamic duo. The Porter is quite dark and full bodied but has a lighter than its color taste. The pumpkin is very faint at best. The trippel has a little more pumpkin taste than the porter but it is still light. It’s a pretty damn good trippel as far as I’m concerned. They both pack a good punch with an 8.2% Alc content. I only wish that I could get the trippel in a 6-12 pack of its own, however I do like the set of 2 each and the dark and the light together it’s a good combo. The cans and the artwork are always good with this brewery, well done again. 3.5 stars for the set.

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