I didn’t see the label “Costumes & Karaoke” and think “Wow! That sounds like a blast!” What struck me was the price. My local beer store was selling the Dogfish Head product for $2.00 for a 4-pack, instead of the standard $8.00.

My first reaction was “Golly gee willikers this is flavourful!” as it tastes like masquerade party with bad singing. With beer, however, too much pungent taste can be too much, sometimes, leaving you searching for something less attention-grabbing. The best part of this beer, even after getting past the novelty of the taste the first couple of times, is the 8% alcohol content.

I’m having a hard time giving a star to this one as I’m certain I’ll buy it again if it’s on sale for $2, and maybe leave some in the back of the fridge for my occasional masquerade and singing parties, but ordinarily, I’d rather have something else.

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