The coronavirus has put everyone in quarantine so I passed the time by watching the movie The Lighthouse, which endorses excessive alcohol consumption while in isolation. Fortunately for me, I had Cisco Brewers’ Grey Lady, which has a picture of a mermaid on it, and anyone who saw The Lighthouse knows the importance of miniature mermaids.

As for the beer, I took a sip and thought of two things: Fruity but flat, like a mermaid who looks good but… Anyway, the beer is named after the foggy island where it was brewed, in Nantucket, which makes me think of rhyming jokes. Regardless, that makes this beer a perfect fit for watching The Lighthouse, so long as you have enough of it to keep up with Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson.

While I liked the idea of the perfect beer pairing with the movie more than I liked the beer itself, I can say I’ll drink this one, finish it, take one last look at the mermaid, and try something else.

4.5% alc. 2 stars

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