I cant believe I haven’t reviewed this beer yet as it is one of my absolute favorites! I have probably already drank a keg or two of this beer and somehow have never officially reviewed it so here we go. Heavy Seas brewing company out of Baltimore, Md gives us “Loose Cannon” a triple hop IPA. The picture is a little too dark to really show the beautiful copper color of this fine beer. The smell is very floral and aromatic but don’t let it fool you, this beauty packs a serious punch. The taste is very, very smooth and not “hoppy” at all, it’s quite delicious. 7.25% alc content will sneak up on you and put you on your butt, nicely and enjoyable but it will get you in the end. I said in the beginning, this is one of my “go to” beers and I will fight you for the last six pack. Enjoy! Not mine…get your own.

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