You’d think with a name like ‘Bear Naked’ and a bear on the label, you’d be in for some sort of grizzly-sweat flavored microbrew from the hill folk of North Carolina. Instead we get an easy-to-swig amber ale from Adirondack Brewery.

It’s description: ‘medium-bodied amber ale with a brilliant copper color, top fermenting ale yeast and a high proportion of imported Munich Malt create a clean crisp beer with a toasty, fruity backbone.’

Note that I definitely didn’t taste the ‘fruity backbone.’

While this beer is far from gross, it’s nothing to stock up on for a backwoods hunting trip, though I’m tempted to get my 10 cent cash refund back in Michigan for recycling the bottle.

One and a half stars, only because I drank another afterward to deplete my stock. 5.2 abv

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