Where to start with this one? Originally the orange label just caught my eye but as I started reading I was really intrigued. Peach, aged in French oak barrels, 11% ABV?? Say wah? I had to buy it! Epic brewing company out of Salt Lake City Utah can really make an unusual beer. When I poured it I thought maybe it was flat, no foam, no bubbles, did I just waste my money? Nope, it definitely has some bubbles but not much. I can taste oak first, then some peach. I like it but I could only drink one of these bad boys. Not as heavy as I expected for such high alcohol content. Well done epic, bravo. I would only recommend this for someone who is really looking for something different. Only a few thousand bottles released makes this a somewhat rare and tasty treat. I give this a solid 4 stars! Be safe drinking this stuff, pace yourself before you waste yourself.

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